Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I grew up in the Southern part of Queens County, New York. One of the five boroughs, it has it's own unique charms. From the time I was a teenager, I wanted to move to the Rockaway Peninsula, which is as far South as you can go and still be in Queens. It used to be known for having he most undeveloped coastline for the entire East coast. I loved my day trips out there with my best friend, and when the time came that we decided to move out of our childhood homes, that is where we wanted to go.

(It is fitting that this post comes today, as Rockaway was known as the Irish Riviera.)

We moved in February, and it was fantastic. The ocean was a five minute stroll away, the bay was a two minute stroll away. The views... oh the views! Beautiful bridges and lights on the bay side, and just the bliss of ocean and sky on the other...

This post is trying to race out of my head today, and my thoughts are a mess. You see, living in that neighborhood, I discovered what truly brings me peace. Walking. I would walk everywhere. There was nothing like having the sun on your back, the smell and spray of the water, and my headphones pumping in whatever I felt like hearing. It was bliss. I miss it. I ache for the days where I walked along the shore, or even the days I walked along Metropolitan Avenue on my way to work. The sun is shining through the window of my new mountain home, and I miss the smells and sights of home.
The trouble, you see, is that I can't walk here like I did then. There's no boardwalk, or pavement to let me lose focus and let my feet run the show. The terrain is bumpy, and I can't keep a steady pace. I have to pay attention lest I end up in a ditch. Of all the things I could miss of my urban home, I miss the walking most.
I am disgustingly homesick.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Start

I had a blog before, and posting would happen in spurts. It occurred to me today that the "voice" I used there wasn't natural enough to me. I was masking some part of my true self, and that is not the type of person I really am. I'm trying this again. I've broken out the handle I use everywhere else, the one that has been part of my life for almost thirteen years. That is who I am, and who I should have been over at that other blog.

So here I am. I'm the shy lurker at tons of blogs, and now when I leave comments I can leave them under a moniker that is me. (So me, in fact, that my father suggested I change my name to something similar to it. I know it seems strange, but it does make sense, I promise.)

The Cadavereye thing is strange to most people, it's kind of morbid, right? It comes from a song by Alice Cooper, and my father gave it to me as my first AOL screen-name when I was fourteen. Since then it's been with me, and followed me into MMO's, social networking, and even into real life. I will just as readily answer to Cada as I do to my real name.

I have adopted this name, and this blog. I am scrambled, I ramble, and my moniker comes from a song about necrophilia.

I knit, cook, play games, have a kid, and will post about any and all of those things. I am just here to post, let off some steam. Hopefully I'll find myself and you'll come along.